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Palate. Passion. Purpose.



We’re on a mission to fill you up. Food, of course!, but zest, passion and joy are served here, too. You’ll not only find inspired recipes, but you’ll also learn the fundamentals… making spice blends, marinades, dressings and sauces.


Passionate Producers

Telling the tale of producers that go the extra step, preserving traditions and producing in a sustainable way. We are blessed to call these people friends and are honored to be able to share their stories with you. 



Sustainability is rightly in our crosshairs as we struggle to take care of our only planet and climate change is taking its toll. 


Master Class

Take a deep dive on essential equipment, go to gadgets, technique and how tos. From great tips to 101s, this is a growing essential guide to all things en cuisine. 


Giving Back

Collection of stories ranging from eating the rations of a Syrian refugee to raise funds so that vulnerable people might rebuild their lives in safety, a campaign I took on again in the summer of 2021, to hunger and food security and waste.


About Katy

It’s my passion and privilege to combine my love for food and entertaining with years of business and culinary experience to help clients grow their brand.

Giving back

Hunger: Breaking (and Sharing) Bread

I’m struck once again by the cyclical nature of the universe. Different times, different responses, same problem – a world full of hunger. This month marks seventy years since Harry Truman broadcast the first televised address from the White House. Since most...

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Harry Truman on the back of a train

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Meet Katy

Well, hello there! I’m Katy. And I’m all about Palate & Passion & Purpose. I’ve spent my whole life weaving together a passion for food, entertaining, and enjoying family & friends with a purpose for improving the lives of others. There’s no better way to live with purpose than to break bread with others. See how that all came full circle? And…I was lucky enough to make a career out of doing so!

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